Conor McGregor's third-round comment to Khabib Nurmagomedov was picked up by mics

Fans have worked out what McGregor said to his nemesis

Khabib Nurmagomedov's victory over Conor McGregor at UFC 229 has been completely overshadowed by his conduct afterwards.

The Eagle grappled his way to a comprehensive title defence, eventually finishing the Irishman off by choking him into submission.

Sadly, the Russian did not conduct himself like a champion. Leaping out of the Octagon and into the crowd, he threw a series of punches at members of the Notorious's team before security intervened.

The unsavoury scenes continued, with three of Nurmagomedov's entourage being arrested. McGregor opted not to press charges.

UFC must take their share of the blame for what unfolded. Many have criticised their decision to use April's bus attack, and indeed some of the bad blood between the two brought about by McGregor's camp mocking his opponent's faith, as part of the promotion.

That set for the tone for the downright ugliness that followed the fight itself.

It's undeniable that the animosity between the pair is genuine and deeply personal.

What McGregor said to Khabib 

However, fans on social media think they have worked out what McGregor said at the end of the third round.

As shown in the footage above, the 30-year-old can be heard saying "it's only business", to which Nurmagomedov replies:

"Aye, I guess so."

Was this an apology for everything he had said in the build-up? Maybe in the moment, as he struggled to get into the fight, he realised he had messed with the wrong guy.

Nurmagomedov retained his title but unsavoury scenes followed

Nurmagomedov's response was clearly not genuine, though, unless the mass brawl was staged - he was still infuriated after sealing the victory.

There is little point in McGregor pretending that everything that had gone before was part of an act. He was even arrested and risked being denied a US visa due to his attack on Khabib's bus, and some of his jibes at the champion were meant to be deeply insulting.

He then tweeted:

“Good knock. Looking forward to the rematch."

Just think - they could be doing it all over again in 2019. 

What do you make of the two fighters' conversation? Have your say in the comments. 

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