New video reveals what Khabib said after defeating Conor McGregor at UFC 229

UFC 229: Khabib v McGregor

Throughout his impressive 11-fight win streak in the UFC, Khabib 'the Eagle' Nurmagomedov has become known for talking to his opponents while mauling them on the Octagon canvas.

This Saturday's dominant win over Conor McGregor was no different.

The undefeated UFC Lightweight champion refused to exchange words with McGregor at press conferences in the lead up to the fight, but that didn't stop him from trash-talking the Irishman during it.

Khabib was seen to be shouting, "Let's talk, talk now", at McGregor while hammering away at the former double champion's skull.

What many fans have been clambering for, however, is to find out what the Dagestani destroyer was saying after the bout.

Thankfully, one Twitter user has posted a subtitled version of the end of the fight that appears to show exactly what was said.

After McGregor taps out to Khabib's rear-naked choke, the champ shouts at his opponent: "Yes! Khabib rules! Khabib rules."

He then proceeds to point at McGregor's Jiu-Jitsu coach Dillon Danis, before throwing his mouthguard towards him and saying: "Hey, I'm coming for you there!"

What follows, as we all know, is Khabib jumping into the crowd to attack Danis and the all-out brawl that ensued.

Once the situation began to calm down, UFC chief Dana White was seen talking to Khabib, who was concerned that his Lightweight belt was not brought to him.

Khabib appears to tell White: "Give me my belt! I deserve my belt, please give me my belt."

To which Dana responds: "Here's what's going to happen, and this is what I believe: If I put your belt on you, everybody will start throwing s**t into the octagon."

Khabib hits back saying: "But I am ready for this."

UFC 229: Khabib v McGregor

Dana again responds: "But all these people could get hurt.

"Not in front of the people. I will give you your belt inside."

Hats off to the UFC boss for keeping a lid on the situation. The event had already been tainted by Khabib's actions.

One fan is believed to have been injured during the chaos, but there could have been more casualties if Khabib had received his belt given how many Irish fans were in attendance.

Now, that's the last thing the UFC needs...

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