New angle emerges of Khabib Nurmagomedov's second-round punch on Conor McGregor

UFC 229: Khabib v McGregor

Conor McGregor knew to expect plenty of takedowns during his fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229 on Saturday night.

Nurmagomedov is famous in UFC for the move - he holds the record for most takedowns in one fight (21) - and so McGregor needed to be ready for it.

But stopping it is a whole 'nother story to preparing for it and that proved to be the case as Nurmagomedov beat McGregor with a fourth-round submission.

The Russian was relentless at the T-Mobile Arena and now McGregor's trainer, John Kavanagh, has revealed their round-by-round tactics for the fight.

"The style of takedowns, everything was kind of what we expected," said Kavanagh. "We spent a lot of time preparing for that.

"We expected for round one... for sure we're going to get a takedown. The goal of round one was to get out of it and still have energy.

"We didn't want to put a huge amount of effort into trying to get back up in round one, we've seen that happen many times. His (Nurmagomedov's) opponents get back to the stool really tired.


"For round two, same plan, do as much damage as we can and if we end up on our back, don't put a huge amount of effort into trying to get back up. He's a master at re-grounding people."

Nurmagomedov's power proved too much for McGregor, who suffered his fourth career defeat and failed to win back the lightweight title.

UFC 229: Khabib v McGregor

There was one moment in the second round that really rocked McGregor when Nurmagomedov caught him with a strong overhand right.

It was so good even Kavanagh applauded it: "The right hand in the second round was a cracker, it was beautiful. It's a staple of wrestlers, but he doesn't generally do it. It was a great shot."

New footage has now emerged of Nurmagomedov flooring McGregor and it explains how he cleverly fooled the Notorious into thinking he was going for a takedown. Check it out.

Nurmagomedov dropped his head as if to go for a takedown and when McGregor edged backwards the Russian took a big swing and connected with his chin.

At least McGregor now knows what to look out for in a potential rematch.

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