UFC fans have their say on whether there should be a Khabib/McGregor rematch

After the dust eventually settles on what was in truth a ridiculous end to UFC 229 between Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov on Saturday evening, where the Russian defeated the Irishman in a fourth round submission, talk will turn to ‘what next?’ for the pair. 

Ugly scenes followed Nurmagomedov’s victory, where the newly crowned lightweight champion jumped the ring and attacked Dillion Danis, who is an American UFC fighter and part of McGregor’s entourage. 

This crazy moment sparked frantic scenes where both camps were involved in brawls that put UFC in the spotlight around the world for all the wrong reasons. 

The fight itself saw Nurmagomedov produce an excellent display of his abilities in his biggest fight to date, having the edge on McGregor who could not handle the Russian’s renowned wrestling skills on the floor and won the contest with a choke.

Talk of a sensational rematch between the two was sparked shortly after the fight.

McGregor has tweeted twice since his defeat saying: “Good knock. Looking forward to the rematch”, and then again saying: “We lost the match but won the battle. The war goes on.”

It seems like ‘The Notorious’ would be first to pen a new deal which would see the two go face-to-face once more. 

In light to talks of a potential rematch, GiveMeSport took a poll to see what UFC fans thought, and the results are in. 

A staggering 261,000 fans voted and gave their opinion on either ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to a rematch. 

With so many votes cast, it is amazing to see how divided the public is. 51% voted ‘yes’ to a rematch, with 49% against a proposed rematch. 

A rematch would give the two, especially Nurmagomedov, the chance for redemption and to show the qualities the pair possess in the ring, and a chance for McGregor to redeem himself as the best, which is what the 51% of the public voters want to see. 

However, like the 49% that would not like to see a rematch, almost all venues where the fight could take place would be anxious and hesitant to welcome the pair in, with tensions likely to be extremely high. 

Time will tell whether a rematch will be given the go ahead, McGregor certainly would welcome it, but there has been no talk from Nurmagomedov or his camp on wanting a rematch, along with Dana White, the UFC president, probably wanting to steer clear of having the two in the same ring for a long time to come. 

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