Conor McGregor's former teammate explains why Dillon Danis is 'a little bit of a punk'


Dillon Danis managed to work his way into the biggest story to come out of UFC 229.

The American fighter was the target of Khabib Nurmagomedov’s attack following his victory over Conor McGregor on Saturday night.

Danis, Conor McGregor’s teammate, had provoked Nurmagomedov in the build up to the fight and the jibes didn’t stop during the bout.

The image of Nurmagomedov hurtling towards Danis is now iconic.

Danis, who fights with the Bellator promotion, didn’t shy away from the skirmish and aimed a few shots of his own.

The 25-year-old has denied reports that he started the brawl by making an anti-Muslin slur against Nurmagomedov.

Yet the whole situation doesn’t reflect well on him, and there are suggestions that he has been influenced since joining McGregor’s camp in 2016.


'A little bit of a punk'

Indeed, McGregor’s former teammate Myles Price thinks it says a lot that Danis was kicked out of Marcelo Garcia’s camp last year.

Garcia, who runs the Marcelo Garcia Jiu-Jitsu Academy, posted a video on YouTube in April 2017 confirming that Danis had been suspended from his gym.

“I realise people was focused just on social media, was focused on other stuff that everyone is aware about - fame, stuff like that,” Garcia said.

“That really forced me to take a decision.”

Danis later claimed that he felt Garcia had abandoned him. But Price thinks it’s evidence that McGregor’s teammate is “a little bit of a punk”.

“You had that coming Dillon Danis as well,” Price said on Obviously Fight Talk. “He was talking smack as well.

“Let’s be honest, if you get kicked out of Marcelo Garcia’s gym… Marcelo Garcia seems like the nicest man in the world. He’s like the Yoda of Brazilian jiu-jitsu!

“So there’s got to be something, you’ve got to be a little bit of a punk if you’re doing that.”

Price may have a point. 

It's understandable that joining McGregor's team could have changed Danis. 

After all, McGregor is the biggest name in the UFC and Danis may have fallen for the money and the fame that surrounds the Irishman.

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