Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch had an uncharacteristic botch on SmackDown Live

Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch in the ring

It seems one of the biggest fascination of WWE fans these days is botches and mistakes.

Sometimes, it just makes a spot look clunky. On other occasions, like with Brie Bella and Liv Morgan, it can result in injury.

In those instances, fans are quick to lay the blame at a superstar's door. It becomes a witch-hunt and with Brie's form since her return, it's been constant.

Brie's husband, former WWE champion Daniel Bryan, lept to his wife's defence following the incident with Morgan and it seems common practice now that superstars are forced to address botches or accidents in their matches, of which there is, of course, a keen difference.

But, even the very best performers miss a step sometimes; Seth Rollins is widely considered one of the best wrestlers in the world and he is far from immune to criticism.

This week on SmackDown, fans were treated to another botch and they can't stop talking about it on Twitter.

During the Charlotte Vs Becky Lynch match for the SmackDown Live Women's championship, The Queen attempted to Slingshot the Irish Lasskicker into the turnbuckle.

As you can see from the video below, things didn't quite work out. It looks like they were a bit too close and, Charlotte's legs are open, which doesn't generate the leverage Lynch required to make the leap.

It just doesn't look very good. But, these are two of the best female performers in the world and to think this is a stain on them is laughable - it happens.

However, fans can't help but liken it to Bella's recent form - which is also unfair.

Charlotte would close the segment by spearing Lynch through the LED screen at the top of the stage and it has now been announced that the pair will face each other in a Last Woman Standing match at Evolution.

Speaking of the PPV, Charlotte told GiveMeSport last month that she preferred to face Lynch at the pay-per-view as opposed to any returning legends.

Becky and Charlotte

"It's not that I don't dream about wrestling Trish [Stratus] or Lita, but with the current storyline with Becky Lynch and I being so heated, it means that much more," Charlotte said. "It's not like 'oh, there would be this match just thrown out on the card because it would be exciting', what makes it exciting is the storyline behind it.

"You see these two best friends competing for the top place and then Becky evolving; so it's not that I wouldn't want to - it's all about the story."

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