Peter Crouch explains why Kevin Muscat was the only footballer who scared him


If you haven’t listened to Peter Crouch’s new podcast yet, then you’re really missing out.

The 37-year-old had already established his reputation as one of football’s funniest men long before doing the podcast thanks to his Twitter activity over recent years.

But the podcast has confirmed that Crouch is, indeed, one of the funniest and most engaging players in English football.

Although there have only been six episodes so far, Crouch has revealed many fascinating anecdotes about what it’s like being a footballer.

He’s spoken about the dressing room, the team bus, team nights out, tactics, transfers and being part of the England national team. Each episode has been both amusing and informative.

On the latest episode, all about tactics, Crouch revealed the identity of the only player who has ever genuinely scared him on the pitch.

Patrick Vieira? Nope. Roy Keane? Guess again.

The player who terrified Crouch is a guy called Kevin Muscat. Some of you have probably never heard of him.

Tianjin Teda v Victory - AFC Champions League

The former Australia international was a ferocious defender who played for the likes of Crystal Palace, Wolves, Rangers and Millwall during his career.

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He also played 46 times for Australia, scoring 10 goals.

"Kevin Muscat scared me. You know people say, 'I'm going to break your legs', when he would say it you genuinely believed him," Crouch said.


One of Crouch’s podcast co-hosts added: “My seven-year-old asked me who is the dirtiest player of all time. I’ve gone straight to YouTube and typed Kevin Muscat in and let him see the horrors. He understood.

“You can get one-off Kevin Muscat horrors. You can get the best of Kevin Muscat, which is the worst of Kevin Muscat. It’s terrifying.”

To get an idea of what Muscat was capable of, we’ve embedded a couple of YouTube videos.

Here is receiving a straight red card for a characteristic reducer…

And here’s a video of three of his worst challenges…

They don’t make them like Kevin Muscat these days (thank god).

Crouch has played against some seriously tough players over the course of his career, but he will never forget the fear of going head-to-head against Muscat.

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