Six big NFL roster moves that might happen very soon

Denver Broncos v Baltimore Ravens

We're now approaching the point in the NFL where it's make or break for a lot of teams in the league.

Decisions made at this time could be the difference between a franchise booking a spot in the postseason or finding themselves already out of the playoff hunt by the end of November.

Choices made at this time could drastically affect the future of a team beyond this season as well, as the NFL trade deadline will stop teams from trading players on October 30.

With team's futures hanging in the balance and jobs on the line, you can expect some teams to make some significant roster moves in order to keep their franchise's future bright in both the short and long term.

Broncos start Chad Kelly ahead of Case Keenum

After a strong start of 2-0 to the season, it seems as though the fire is burning out for Case Keenum as the Denver Broncos starting quarterback.

The team now sits on a 2-3 record after five games and Keenum isn't doing much to change that, as he currently has 1,365 yards, five touchdowns and seven interceptions on the season and a completion percentage of 63.5. He's been inaccurate when it mattered the most.

Keenum's poor passing stats plus the Broncos' own record come despite the fact they have the third-best rushing attack in the NFL in terms of average yards per game.

The window is closing on the Broncos making the playoffs this season and, as a result, they may look to make a switch at quarterback to Chad Kelly soon in order to try and keep those hopes alive.

Le'Veon Bell returns to starting role at the Steelers

Bell reportedly plans to return to the team during their Week Seven bye

The Pittsburgh Steelers have been okay so far in 2018, but they would be so much better when Le'Veon Bell finally returns to the field.

James Conner has been good for the Steelers, but he's no Bell and that's clear to see. Conner lacks the consistency on the field that Bell gives in every game he plays.

The game flow might be whats holding Conner back, but that's exactly the relief which Bell provides. Bell is a much better pass-catching back than Conner, and his ability to do that should help keep the Steelers in more games when he returns.

There is a chance they could still trade Bell once he returns during the team's Week Seven bye, but the difference between Pittsburgh making and not making the playoffs this year could be the 26-year-old.

Jaguars trade for a quarterback

Blake Bortles time as the Jaguars starting quarterback could be running out

It's been a question on the Jacksonville Jaguars fan's minds now for the past year and a bit, and with the injury to running back Leonard Fournette, it has been further exposed. They need a new quarterback.

Blake Bortles has been good for the Jaguars, taking them to the AFC Championship game last season. However, many would make the argument that their defense got them there, not Bortles.

The 26-year-old has always been hot and cold for Jacksonville, as while he's thrown for 1525 yards and eight touchdowns, he also has a 61.6 completion rate and seven interceptions. This might not be good enough to take the team to the postseason.

There is a chance Bortles can see out the season and still take the team to the playoffs, but the Jags will need to upgrade him soon, especially if his performances drop, so they need to trade for a quarterback.

LeSean McCoy traded away by the Bills

LeSean McCoy could be traded by the Bills before the trade deadline

LeSean McCoy's career is in its final years, but he can still play. He's yet to capture a Super Bowl title though, and it's unlikely to happen at the Buffalo Bills as well.

The Bills as well are currently in the middle of a rebuild, as the drafting of Josh Allen has begun the process of taking the team from a run first, to a passing team.

This new direction, and McCoy's age of 30, the running back has become available on the team's trade block whether or not they'd like to admit it.

Bills head coach Sean McDermott hasn't totally dismissed the possibility of trading McCoy, but it's hard to deny that the team wouldn't accept a mid-round pick for him. The Eagles have reportedly reached out to the Bills about acquiring him too, so the interest is there.

Cowboys trade for a wide receiver

The Cowboys need a wide receiver to take advantage of a Super Bowl window they have

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has recently claimed that the team hasn't had a number one wide receiver for years, so he might go out and trade for one while his cap space window is open.

We're approaching the end of the rookie contracts of Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott, so a lot of cap space could soon be used up by these two players at the franchise signing new deals.

If the Cowboys want to win a Super Bowl before this window closes, they need to sign a wide receiver to help them get there, as their current receiving corps simply isn't good enough.

Otherwise, they could quickly see their current team fall apart and their window close as they look to create cap space in order to accommodate the new deals of their quarterback and running back.

Giants bench Eli Manning

Eli Manning could be benched by the Giants soon due to poor performances

With the New York Giants sitting on a 1-5 record following their Thursday night loss against the Philadelphia Eagles, there has been a lot of talk on the future of Eli Manning.

Manning completed 24-of-43 passes for 281 yards, zero touchdowns and an interception in the Giants' 31-13, Week Six loss to the Eagles, but he was poor throughout the game.

It now looks more than likely he won't be New York's starting quarterback in 2019, but the franchise might even bench him before then if the NFC East stays tight enough for them to remain in the playoff hunt.

If the Giants want to be in the postseason in January, they can't afford to drop any more games, so a change at quarterback could happen soon in order to still give themselves a chance this season.

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