Leonard Floyd hit a WWE suplex on Danny Amendola mid-game

Chicago Bears v Miami Dolphins

Referees in the National Football League have been getting an awful lot of stick this season, some deserved some not so much, for their calls during games. 

The NFL's new rules, mainly the additions to Roughing the Passer that mean a defensive player can no longer land with his weight on the quarterback, is the most controversial and has seen some calls made that are viewed by a lot of fans as ridiculous. 

But today in the game between the Chicago Bears and Miami Dolphins, the referees made a call that absolutely no one can have any complaints with. 

With Brock Osweiler as his starting quarterback, Danny Amendola caught a ball on one of his trademark slants over the middle and was immediately met by Bears outside linebacker Leonard Floyd - who had dropped into coverage. 

What happened next wouldn't have looked out of place in a wrestling ring at a WWE pay-per-view. 

Instead of just tackling Amendola and bringing him to the ground, Floyd instead decided to do his best Ted DiBiase impersonation and broke out a near picture perfect Gutwrench Suplex to flip Amendola over his head and onto the ground with a real thud. 

You can take a look at the move here...


Amendola already isn't going anywhere and yet Floyd still decided to hook the wide receiver's leg and throw him over his head.

If you want to see how The Million Dollar Man performs the move then here you go. 

That's what it should look like. Much cleaner and less struggling from the guy taking the move. But it's a good start if Leonard Floyd is trying out for the WWE. I'm sure he can get a workout at the Performance Center in Orlando based on the footage. 

Chicago Bears v Miami Dolphins

Unsurprisingly, Floyd was flagged for unnecessary roughness which set up Osweiler to throw a touchdown to tight end Nick O’Leary. The game is currently 21-19 at time of writing so it could prove very costly for the Bears.

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