Patrick Mahomes proved he's a star with one play despite loss to Patriots

Kansas City Chiefs v New England Patriots

The Kansas City Chiefs and New England Patriots faced off last night in one of the most hotly-anticipated games of the 2018 season to date.

The NFL's most explosive offense, going up against the born winners that are Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, meant that fans were always going to be in for a treat. And the two teams delivered, with a 43-40 final score meaning we got to see a lot of great football from both sides (well, maybe not so much from the defenses).

While he may have come out on the losing side, Patrick Mahomes - the Chiefs quarterback who has set the NFL on fire in his first year as a starter - did more than enough to impress. 

The hot takes have already started that Mahomes is a flash in the pan, or crumbles when he comes under pressure, but that's just from people who've either looked at the box score or watched the condensed game highlights and seen the two interceptions he threw to the Patriots defense.

Kansas City Chiefs v New England Patriots

While those were mental errors from the former Texas Tech gunslinger, they are ones that every quarterback in the National Football League makes.

The job of defensive coordinators is to bait the QB - and the Patriots managed it. But they also couldn't stop him throwing four touchdowns and eclipsing 350 passing yards.

In and amongst all those completed passes was one play that stood out ahead of all the others. 

With a minute left in the third quarter, and the Chiefs trailing New England 27-19, Kansas City found themselves facing a 2nd-and-10 with just 16 yards to go to the endzone. 

What Mahomes did in this situation was a masterclass.

Seeing that the Patriots were in man coverage, thanks to the safety coming down into the box to cover Travis Kelce, Mahomes knew exactly where Tyreek Hill was going to get open and how to get him the ball.

Freezing the free safety by keeping his eyes and shoulders open to the complete opposite side of the field, Mahomes made sure the defender couldn't get to the space he wanted Hill to exploit - leaving the WR free to reach the back of the endzone and haul in the touch pass.

We'll let Dan Orlovsky break it down better for you...

Patrick Mahomes, very good quarterback. He's going to have some serious battles with the Pats over the next decade. 

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