Josh Allen: New video shows how much pain Buffalo Bills QB was in after injury

The Buffalo Bills came into the 2018 NFL season with a new sense of hope with their starting quarterback job taken over by first round draft pick Josh Allen.

The former University of Wyoming man has made a promising start to his life in the big leagues, leading the Bills to wins against the Titans and Vikings.

But things are going downhill fast in Buffalo, with the news that the injury Allen suffered in the third quarter of Sunday’s game against the Houston Texans could well keep him out for a long time. 

While initial suggestions stated that Allen may have just suffered a painful contact injury, akin to a bone bruise or some other superficial pain, the latest reports paint a much bleaker picture for the former seventh overall pick.

After a video emerged on Twitter, medical professionals and others in the know on the site all came to the same conclusion – there’s a chance Allen needs surgery.

And it wouldn’t just be a small job on a little part of his elbow to reduce the pain.

They’re suggesting that Allen could well need Tommy John surgery, the operation that baseball pitchers go through that keeps them out of action for anywhere from 12 months to two years.

Here’s the video that has caused these diagnoses…

That’s not a trapped nerve causing the pain in Allen’s arm. 

The test that the trainer on the sideline is performing on Allen is called a “valgus stress test”, that works the UCL – Ulnar Collateral Ligament – the ligament that keeps your elbow and arm steady, especially at high speeds like throwing a football or baseball.

If the ligament is torn fully, Allen could be out until the end of next season. Not this season, not 2018, but the end of the 2019 season. That’s if he needs Tommy John surgery.

That is worst case scenario. An MRI will figure out how bad the damage is, with doctor David Chao – a former NFL employee – in the San Diego Union-Tribune saying a sprain could keep him out for around six weeks. 

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