Football fans are suspicious after seeing highlights of Armenia 4-0 Macedonia

Fans are questioning the goalkeeper's performance

The UEFA Nations League is really starting to get exciting.

We’ve seen England beat Spain on their own turf, Germany are staring relegation in the face and Gibraltar have won twice in the space of four days.


After beating Armenia 1-0 on Saturday, ‘The Rock’ followed that up with a 2-1 win against Liechtenstein on Tuesday.

It leaves them with a chance of being promoted from League D, Group 4.

But football fans were talking about League D, Group 4 for another reason on Tuesday rather than just Gilbralter’s win against Liechtenstein.

In the other fixture on Tuesday night, Armenia beat Macedonia 4-0.

Prior to that match, Macedonia had won all three of their matches, while Armenia entered the match on the back of two defeat (Macedonia 0-2 and Gibraltar 0-1).

So when Armenia ran out 4-0 winners, there were a few raised eyebrows.

Armenia won 4-0

However, those eyebrows turned into suspicions after seeing all four goals during the match - while, there was also a last-minute sending off for Macedonia.

Macedonia goalkeeper, Stole Dimitrievski, was probably at fault for three of the four goals - while the other was given away by a defender - and it’s led to a Reddit thread discussing the possibility of match-fixing.

It must be mentioned that the goalkeeper in question actually plays for Real Vallecano in La Liga, so it’s not a case of just being rubbish.


Take a look at the goals here:

Yeah, Dimitrievski had a bit of a nightmare.

And now check out the reaction on Reddit:

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It certainly makes you suspicious.

Of course, there’s no evidence that there was any match-fixing going on during Armenia and Macedonia, but there’s plenty of football fans that believe there was.

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