New Conor McGregor Netflix documentary will show 'doctored' footage, claims Malignaggi

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Footage of Conor McGregor and Paulie Malignaggi sparring, set to be released in an upcoming Netflix documentary, will be heavily edited, according to the former world champion boxer

Malignaggi joined McGregor's camp in the build up to the Irishman's unprecedented superfight with the undefeated - at the time 49-0 - Floyd Mayweather.

However, after footage emerged of the UFC's poster boy flooring the New York born 'Magic Man' in a behind closed doors sparring session, things quickly turned sour - with the former welterweight champion eventually leaving the camp. 

Since the incident in question, however, both sides have been very outspoken on their version of how the session went down. 

Malignaggi has insisted that the footage merely shows him being pushed to the ground, whilst McGregor claims he bested Malignaggi multiple times. 

Now, with Netflix set to release a documentary on the McGregor v Mayweather fight, footage of the session is set to feature prominently in the film, but Malignaggi is reticent to believe that a fair portrayal will be featured.

"I'm sure the footage will be cut around to show what they want to show you,' Malignaggi told Express Sport in an exclusive interview.

"Having said that, even with the not much they have, they've convinced basically everyone of this bulls**t narrative."

McGregor's long-time coach John Kavanagh revealed that the footage will feature heavily in the film in an interview on UFC commentator Joe Rogan's popular podcast.

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Despite his issues with the manner in which the footage will be displayed, Malignaggi remained dismissive when it came to discussing McGregor's abilities in the ring.

"Me not being in shape or sharp aside, it was good action. And he has to thank his lucky stars that's the shape I was in. Because despite 16oz gloves and headgear, that's the only reason he doesn't get stopped, even in sparring.

"I had to deaden the pace for the sake of making sure I can finish twelve rounds. It's the only reason he doesn't get assaulted by me in that session. He has to though, as we did eight rounds the first time."

Malignaggi also believes his mocking and taunting of McGregor will have played a part in his camp's decision to release a doctored edition of the footage. 

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"It's not just about the work, I'm talking and punking him the whole time. That's why to me he will edit it, I was talking way too much and putting him down. 

"Last year, all I needed was the full unedited footage, but even now that won't fix it. So he's just going to keep getting exposed by me. Unlike his lies perpetuated about me, though, his actions keep proving me more and more right."

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