Daniel Cormier recalls hurting Khabib in training and how his team reacted

Daniel Cormier is busy getting ready for UFC 230 on November 3, yet it is still the events which followed on from UFC 229 that are still the questions everybody is asking the heavyweight and light heavyweight champ.

Khabib, the as of yet undefeated lightweight champion, is an American Kickboxing Academy (AKA) teammate of Cormier, and has been for sometime.

Cormier himself was there in Las Vegas to see his teammate defeat McGregor by submission, and also saw what unfolded on a heated and tense finish to the night. 

After Khabib’s victory was confirmed, the Russian jumped the Octagon and a brawl unfolded.

Cormier said about the incident: “For me, it sucks that it was in front of all these people. But again, it was just a whole bunch of dudes just kind of fighting, acting crazy. Like, what are you guys doing? Every city in the country, every Saturday in some frickin’ street bar or a club, this is going on.”

Cormier, was then asked whether he was surprised his close teammate acted the way he did, and his answer was surprising. 

“No, because one time I did him something, hurt his neck in practice and they were about to kick my ass. Like seriously, they all started standing up and they were kind of surrounding me.”

Cormier then carried on: “Those guys don’t play around, man. They got up. They actually got up. I was like, ‘Hey man, don’t ever come in here and jump me. It’s my gym.’ But they don’t mess around, man. Khabib does not play around and he is honestly the crown jewel of that circle. They love him and rightfully so. We all do, too.”

Quite shocking to hear how intense Khabib’s entourage are behind closed doors. 

Despite this revelation from Cormier, it would sound as though the American is still fiercely loyal to one of his teammates, and still defends what Khabib did at UFC 229, saying: “It’s no black eye for the sport, man, we fight. That’s what we do — we fight. You got a lot of very smart, educated men in this game, but sometimes emotion drives the ship. And on that night, emotions drove the ship. This fight was kind of built in a very bad place.”

It clearly came as no surprise for Cormier to witness Khabib and his team act the way they did, especially after the revelations he has opened up about, but despite his actions, Khabib still clearly has a very loyal UFC teammate in Daniel Cormier. 

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