How Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are rated on Football Manager 2019


The wait is nearly over until the latest edition of Football Manager is released.

Football Manager 19 is set to be released next week on November 2.

However, a beta of the game became available last week for those that have pre-ordered it.

Football Manager is often praised for the knowledge of players it has around the world.

It has built a reputation for being extremely accurate when it comes to rating a players stats; whether it be for a player playing in England or in Argentina.

So with that said, how does Football Manager compare Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi?

It is a debate which has raged on for more than a decade and now Football Manager have had their say.

Players are ranked in 36 individual areas out of 20, which are then grouped together to create eight different categories.

These categories include speed, vision and attacking ability.

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are regarded as two of the best footballers of all time

Below is how Football Manager 19 ranks the two players in each of the eight different areas:


Messi - 18

Ronaldo - 17


Messi - 19

Ronaldo - 16


Messi - 8

Ronaldo - 18


Messi - 16

Ronaldo - 15


Messi - 5

Ronaldo - 5


Messi - 15

Ronaldo - 15


Messi - 16

Ronaldo - 15


Messi - 20

Ronaldo - 15

View these stats below:


Interesting. The latest edition of Football Manager ranks Messi better than Ronaldo in five of it's categories, with Ronaldo only usurping Messi in aerial ability.

The Juventus striker will perhaps feel hard done by that the two are ranked the same in terms of their 'physical' stats, though.

So, on the face of things it seems the game rates Messi as a better player than Ronaldo.

Football Manager have found it tough to separate Ronaldo and Messi

However, by looking at all individual 36 stats in the game, that doesn't necessarily appear to be the case.

In the 36 individual attributes, Ronaldo is superior to Messi in 16, while the Barcelona forward usurps his great rival in 17.

When all of their stats are added together it is also remarkably close: Ronaldo has 523 total points amassed while Messi has 527.

View their individual stats below:


While many are either Ronaldo or Messi, it seems Football Manager have found it difficult to choose the superior player of the two.

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