Jurgen Klopp donates €5,000 and sends classy message to Sean Cox


It's been over six months since Sean Cox suffered life-changing brain injuries after being attacked by Roma fans outside of Anfield.

He is currently undergoing a programme in Dun Laoghaire which requires ongoing and long-term intensive care and support.

To aid his rehabilitation a fundraising page has been set up in his name with the goal of raising €2million.

His GoFundMe page reads: "As you are aware, our colleague and friend Sean Cox sustained serious and life altering injuries earlier this year while attending a football game in Liverpool.

"Over the past number of months Sean has been taking small but important steps on a road to recovery.

"His journey will be a long and difficult one and the focus will continue on ensuring the best possible care to maximise the potential in Sean’s recovery.

"Sean has recently commenced a program of rehabilitation in Dun Laoghaire and following this will continue to require ongoing and intensive long term care and support.

"The reality is that the provision of this long term care and support for Sean will necessitate significant funding over many years.

"We are determined to support Sean in every way we can so we are pleased to confirm the launch of a fund raising campaign in support of Sean's recovery – ‘Support Sean’."

Liverpool players hold up a banner in support of Sean Cox

At the time of writing €56,055 has been raised for Cox.

And one donation in particular has caught the eyes of Liverpool fans.

Jurgen Klopp has earned the admiration of Liverpool supporters across the globe. You'll find it tough to find one that dislikes their German manager.

And he has proven why he is so popular by donating a hefty €5,000 for Cox.

And he also sent a classy message, which reads: "You'll Never Walk Alone Best Wishes, Jurgen Klopp".

Liverpool fans caught on to the donation and many have praised Klopp for his kindness.

All that needs to be said is very well done, Jurgen.

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