Australia left aggrieved by controversial run out in T20 loss to Pakistan


There are very few sports that have had technology and video replays for as long as cricket has.

For decades cricket has employed the use of a third umpire to look at contentious decisions or to verify the view of the on-field umpire.

Unfortunately, though, even today’s age, sometimes technology still can’t give a clear answer to what happened.

This was illustrated yesterday in the Pakistan vs Australia T20 at the Dubai International Stadium.

In the third over of the Australian chase of Pakistan’s 148, the ball was hit back towards the bowler Imad Wasim, who managed to get a faint touch on the ball and ran D'Arcy Short, at the non-strikers end, out.

Replays of the incident are inconclusive, and the Australians were left fuming at the decision, with Aaron Finch, the Aussie captain, remonstrating with the officials on the field of play.

The Australians who went on to lose the tight contest by 11 runs were still smarting at the post-match press conference, with Glenn Maxwell steadfast in his view that the decision should not have stood.

"We certainly had a view as a team that we thought his bat was clearly grounded behind the line," he said.

"Maybe the third umpire pressed the wrong button. We've all made mistakes.


"As we probably saw it in the change rooms, there wasn't really any doubt.

"I think if you even look at the way he's holding his bat, it's very hard to hold it above the line with the bat sitting out of his gloves."

Sarfraz Ahmed, the Pakistan captain, predictably saw the other point of the view and was bemused about the Australian protests.

"I don't know why (there was) so much reaction because clearly it is out," he said.

"The bat is not on the ground."

If you look closely at the still of the incident, it appears that the bat is slightly raised off the floor which of course would be out.

However, when viewed from another angle on the replay, this would seem to suggest that Short did ground his bat which would mean he is not out.

What makes the incident more bemusing is that generally in incidents like this, when the video replay is not conclusive, especially for catches, then the batsman is giving the benefit of doubt by the umpire.

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