NFL fans fume after referees make awful penalty call on Blake Bortles hit

Atlanta Falcons v JacksonvileJaguars

Referees in the National Football League have been getting an awful lot of stick this season, some deserved some not so much, for their calls during games.

The NFL's new rules, mainly the additions to Roughing the Passer that means a defensive player can no longer land with his weight on the quarterback, is the most controversial and has seen some calls made that are viewed by a lot of fans as ridiculous.

And that trend continued today in the last of the International Series games at Wembley between the Eagles and Jaguars. 

In the fourth quarter of the game, with the Jaguars driving down the field to try and get themselves back into contention, Blake Bortles took off out of the pocket and slid down at around the Eagles' 15-yard-line. 


He was met there by Nigel Bradham, who slid down himself and placed his hands on the quarterback's body before they collided - thanks to the forces of motion. 

Somehow, for some strange, ridiculous reason, one of the game officials decided to throw a flag, bemusing pretty much every single person watching the game - except maybe for Bortles' mother. 

Take a look at the footage of the incident and if you can find anything at all to suggest that this is "contact to the head of the quarterback" then please screenshot it and post it in the comments. 

As you can imagine, NFL fans weren't happy with the call and made their opinions known on social media...

The NFL fired an official during the season for the first time in years earlier this week, if they fancied having a chat with whoever it was that decided that this was a foul then that would be just great. 


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