Sky cameraman explains pilot’s heroic actions after witnessing Leicester helicopter crash


Thousands of people turned up to the King Power Stadium on Sunday to pay tribute to the victims of the Leicester City helicopter crash.

Although the condition of those affected remains unclear at the time of writing, it’s known that five people were onboard the helicopter when it came down on Saturday evening.

Among them was Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, Leicester City’s owner. Two other passengers, plus two crew members, were also onboard at the time.

The incident happened around one hour after Leicester’s 1-1 draw against West Ham.

BT Sport showed the helicopter leaving the King Power before cutting to an ad break. Jake Humphrey then had the difficult job of informing viewers what had just happened.

It’s also unclear what caused the crash at this stage.


Sky cameraman explains pilot's heroic actions

However, a Sky Sports News cameraman who witnessed the incident first-hand has paid tribute to the helicopter pilot for his ‘heroic’ actions.

He claims the pilot did his utmost to guide the aircraft away from people on the ground.

"I heard the helicopter coming out of the stadium, saw it as you do, they are amazing pieces of machinery and then I just carried on walking thinking next time I look up it is going to be overhead,” Dan Cox told Sky News.

"The next thing I just looked up and it was just spinning, static just out of control, just a constant spinning, I have never seen anything like it."


He continued: "I don't know how the pilot did it but he seemed to manage to slow down the spinning rotation and it drifted off into the corner part of the car park.

"To my mind the pilot was heroic and the two police offers in front of me, who also tried to help, they are heroes too.

"It could have been so much worse if the pilot hadn't done that."

Helicopter Accident Outside King Power Stadium In Leicester

Cox clearly believes that the pilot prevented more people from being caught up in the tragedy by deliberately drifting the helicopter into a corner part of the car park.

If his version of events is accurate, then it’s fair to say that the term heroic is more than justified for the pilot involved.


Hundreds of fans have laid scarves, flags and flowers in tribute at the King Power Stadium following the tragic incident.

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