Ranking The Rock's top 10 most entertaining moments in WWE ever

The Rock & Stone Cold

To many WWE fans, The Rock is the greatest superstar of all-time.

The Great One could do it all and the 10-time world champion has a never-ending list of greatest moments on YouTube that you can lost in for hours.

Younger fans might not be quite so familiar with his genius. As his appearances have become far more fleeting, the original luster associated with the Brahma Bull has become harder to capture.

But, back in his first run with the company between 1996 and 2003, nobody was as charismatic in the flesh or as entertaining on the mic as Rocky.

This is a top 10 list dedicated to Rock's most entertaining moments that showcase what an all-time great he really is. You could do this list ten times over an have 10 completely different picks, but this is The Rock at his funniest, most entertaining best.

The Rock chooses Team WWF

In 2001, The Great One made his first venture into Hollywood when he starred in the Mummy Returns and then he filmed The Scorpion King in 2001 for release a year later. After WrestleMania 17, he was written off TV for several months to make the film and the Two Man Power Trip was born with Vince McMahon proclaiming Rock to be 'indefinitely suspended'.

When the Alliance angle kicked off and Steve Austin jumped across to the WCW/ECW coalition at the pay-per-view by the same name, McMahon decided to reinstate The Rock. However, the Alliance attempted to prize Rock away from Vince and his double-crossing hands - an electric segment ensued.

The Rock mocks Hell in a Cell opponents

As far as backstage interviews go, this is the common favourite of The Rocks. The Brahma Bull was heading to Armageddon to face The Undertaker, Rikishi, Triple H, Kurt Angle and Stone Cold Steve Austin in a Hell in a Cell match and he decided to mock all of them in this interview.

The Rock's charisma is off the charts here and his impersonations are not only funny, but pretty damn good. You can't help but laugh.

The Rock & Ronda Rousey at WM31

The Rock's had shown up at the past few WrestleManias, but this was by far the most impactful during this time frame. With Stephanie McMahon and Triple H cutting a typical heel promo, The Rock interrupted proceedings and after Stephanie slapped him, Rock went to find a friend.

Sitting at ringside was Ronda Rousey, one of the most famous sportswomen on the planet and at the time, the undefeated UFC champion. The crowd was so into this segment and Rocky laid the table for Rousey's antics perfectly. A true WrestleMania moment.

The Rock & Chris Jericho take Booker T and Stephanie McMahon to school

This is textbook early 2000s WWE but The Rock, and to be fair, Chris Jericho are on absolute fire here. With Rhyno and Booker T accompanying Stephanie in the ring, it meant that Rock and Jericho would have to come out and bash their then rivals, but spend an equal amount of time joking about Stephanie's new breasts.

Two famous things about this segment: one, Rocky ruins Booker T with his joke about going back to school and two, Rocky says a glaring swear word and Stephanie fails to cut him off on live TV, something Jericho wrote in his autobiography she was meant to.

The Rock

Hollywood Rock owns Sacremento

Ok, so babyface Rock in 1999/2000 was something special, but Hollywood Rock in 2003 was a phenomenon in his own right. The fans were sick of the Great One heading off to Hollywood to do his movies and swanning back into the main event whenever he liked, so he gave them what they wanted.

He returned a smug, arrogant heel in 2003 and began ripping on every state he stepped in. This Rock Concert cut particularly deep and his line about the Lakers and Kings is famous among wrestling fans.

The Rock and Lillian Garcia

The Rock just had fantastic chemistry with Lillian Garcia, it's undeniable. Although the Miami-born star had a penchant for toying with interviewers like Michael Cole, Jonathan Coachman and Kevin Kelly, with Garcia it was different.

Every wrestling fan remembers: "Lillian, you get wet... with perspiration every time you're close to The Rock!"

The Rock ruins Triple H

Wow, we could put four or five videos in of Rocky going off on Triple H. These two men climbed the ranks together at the same time in the company and in 2000, they were the main event for the majority of the year. They had a chemistry and palpable hatred that fans just ate up.

While Rock's impersonations of The Game are very enjoyable to watch, their clash when Rock was the Undisputed Champion in 2002 is our personal favourite. Listen to Jerry 'The King' Lawler lose his mind after the insult.

Hollywood Rock owns Toronto

If you thought Sacremento was great, Toronto is even better. With the crowd beginning to find The Rock too entertaining to hate, the former 10-time champion was forced to turn the heat up a little bit when it came to Toronto.

Naturally, that came very easy to the jabroni beating, pie eating, trailblazing, eyebrow-raising star. After The Rock explicitly forbid that the crowd sing along with his catchphrases, the Maple Leafs were next. This is prime Hollywood Rock.

The Rock's Hall of Fame speech for High Chief Peter Maivia and Rocky Johnson

In 2008, Rock was lucky enough to induct both his father and his grandfather into the WWE Hall of Fame. However, after several years away from the company, he was not going to turn down the opportunity to get on the mic and talk some trash.

Chris Jericho and John Cena were both on the receiving end of his jokes, he teased another match with Stone Cold Steve Austin, said Shawn Michaels and Rey Mysterio are the two guys he wishes he had faced and even made a joke about how easily Stephanie McMahon gets pregnant. It's wildly entertaining and one might argue the best Hall of Fame induction speech ever.

The Rock: This Is Your Life

This has to be number one for a multitude of reasons, but none more so than the fact it was a ratings smash hit. It remains one of the highest rated segments in Raw's history and the dynamic between The Rock and Mick Foley is truly something special to behold.

But, this was The Rock at his absolute cool best. Telling his supposed high school girlfriend to 'pancake your ass on out of here' was legendary stuff and the best thing about Rocky in this segment and many others was, he said so many funny things but he rarely if ever cracked a smile. Cool personified.

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