Florentino Perez's actions just before Cristiano Ronaldo signed for Real Madrid in 2009

 Ronaldo said earlier this week that Perez was the reason for his Madrid exit

It was previously unknown why Cristiano Ronaldo was so keen to leave Real Madrid this summer.

The Portuguese forward hinted after the Champions League final in May that he had played his last game for the club.

And his comments proved to be true when he sealed a £100 million move to Juventus in July.

Ronaldo finally answered why he wanted to leave so badly earlier this week - and it has a lot to do with Florentino Perez.

“I felt it inside the club, especially from the president, that they no longer considered me the same way that they did in the start,” he told France Football, per the Guardian.

“In the first four or five years there, I had the feeling of being ‘Cristiano Ronaldo’.

"Less afterwards. The president looked at me through eyes that didn’t want to say the same thing, as if I was no longer indispensable to them, if you know what I mean.

“That’s what made me think about leaving. Sometimes I’d look at the news, where they were saying I was asking to leave.

"There was a bit of that, but the truth is that I always had the impression that the president would not hold me back."

Florentino Perez actually tried to veto Ronaldo's transfer in 2009

It has been well documented that the two never got on at Madrid, but why exactly was that the case?

Goal have now revealed the 'primary reason' for their poor relationship, and it's due to him wanting to veto his transfer to the club back in 2009.

"Perez never had the best of relationships with Ronaldo, primarily because the Portuguese wasn’t his signing," Goal write.

"In fact, he wanted to cancel the deal that had been agreed with Manchester United under former president Ramon Calderon.

Ronaldo revealed earlier this week he left mainly because of Florentino Perez

"Eventually, though, Perez was convinced by former general manager Jorge Valdano to follow through on the agreement instead of paying a penalty clause for scrapping it."

So that explains it. Perez actually trying to veto Ronaldo's transfer is quite shocking indeed.

This news was actually revealed by Calderon himself back in 2013, but it's no surprise it had a bearing on their relationship.

Real Madrid have suffered in Ronaldo's absence, sitting in 9th in La Liga having picked up just 14 points in 10 games.

There is no doubt that Perez wishes that Ronaldo was still a Madrid player given the state the club is in at the moment.

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