Benjamin Mendy and Erik Lamela have Twitter conversation after clashing in Tottenham 0-1 Man City

Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester City - Premier League

Benjamin Mendy will not be punished for lashing out at Erik Lamela during Manchester City’s 1-0 win against Tottenham Hotspur on Monday.

The left-back took a swipe at Lamela’s direction in the 92nd minute, failing to make contact with the Tottenham winger.

The incident occurred in front of an assistant referee, so it was spotted by one of the match officials.

For that reason, Mendy won’t face retrospective action.

It was a pretty wild act from the Frenchman, who is fortunate not to have made contact with Lamela.

There’s no way he could have escaped punishment if that had happened.

Mendy has always been vocal on Twitter and he was asked about the incident by a follower on Wednesday.

Mendy and Lamela tweet

“Why you swing at my bro Lamela? You kinda wish you didn’t know or not really care?” Twitter user @hotspurjp asked Mendy.

Mendy responded by insisting that his relationship with Lamela is fine.

“Lamela & me are good after game don’t worry 🤝🤝 (and stop snitchin lol),” he wrote.

The Tottenham man spotted Mendy’s message and he backed the left-back’s claim that everything is good between them.

“Yeah bro we’re good! What happens on the pitch stays on the pitch 🇦🇷🤝🇫🇷,” Lamela wrote.

Lovely stuff.

Many football fans had called for Mendy to be banned for lashing out but he’ll still be available for Pep Guardiola’s side.

Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester City - Premier League

The defending champions returned to the top of the Premier League table by beating Spurs, Riyad Mahrez scoring the only goal of the game.

Guardiola insisted afterwards that it was a great victory - although he’s called on his players to up their game.

“It was a great victory in special conditions, against one of the most physical teams in Europe,” the Spaniard told BBC Sport. “We had many chances.

“We have to score and we didn't. That is why hopefully we will improve in the future.”

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