Man Utd launch security review after making discovery about pitch invader vs Juventus

Manchester United v Juventus - UEFA Champions League Group H

There were more pitch invasions than goals during Manchester United and Juventus' Champions League clash last month.

It was a momentous occasion at Old Trafford that evening with none other than Cristiano Ronaldo making only his second return to the club that launched his career to super stardom.

As a result, a few supporters in attendance were keen to get their moment with the footballing legend and went to extreme lengths for a first bump or selfie.

The former United player walked over to greet the man, ensuring his dash onto the pitch wasn't completely in vein.

Pitch invaders at Old Trafford

Then, after the final whistle, another supporter managed to bag a picture with Ronaldo, who took a selfie on his phone as security hauled him off the pitch.

Of course, there were no threats to Ronaldo at the end of the day and nothing worrying came from the pitch invasions but security didn't necessarily know that at the time.

And now over a week from the game, a further development in the series of pitch invasions has led United to review their security at Old Trafford.

Manchester United v Juventus - UEFA Champions League Group H

Man Utd launch security review

According to the Guardian, the situation regards the pitch invader who vaulted the advertising boards 'shortly after play got under way' and reached Ronaldo by the skin of his teeth.

A seemingly innocent exchange but a discovery in the fan's backpack has caused concern, even if the items are actually harmless.

That's because two toy guns were found in the man's possession, items which are strictly banned at football stadiums, even if he didn't bring them onto the pitch.

A United spokesperson explained: "Carrying a children's miniature plastic toy gun into a stadium is clearly an irresponsible act. Fortunately, the actions of the pitch intruder at the Juventus game did not harm anyone.

"However, as the security and safety of all fans and staff is the absolute priority at Manchester United, the club immediately launched an investigation.

"This includes a full review of our already rigorous security protocols, using our own security teams together with external expert consultants."

Manchester United v Juventus - UEFA Champions League Group H

There are strict laws on toy guns across the UK, never mind football stadiums, so it's only natural that United have launched an investigation on the case.

It's safe say to the fan who crawled his way to Ronaldo won't be walking through the turnstiles at Old Trafford anytime soon.

Although he got the opportunity to meet a footballing hero, his actions were clearly irresponsible and raised alarm bells at United.

There have been no further updates at the time of writing.

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