Story behind the mystery noises being made at the Austin Grand Prix

F1 Grand Prix of Mexico - Practice

The Formula One season might now be affectively over, with Lewis Hamilton winning his fifth Drivers' world title, and with Mercedes all-but winning the team crown, but there has been something else that has had the F1 fans talking for a couple of weeks now.

Those of you who were watching the US Grand Prix in Austin will have noticed how somebody managed to hack into the sound from the race and make some interesting noises while the race was still going on.

Sounds of "neeeow" could be heard while the US Grand Prix was being broadcast all over the world, and while commentator David Croft tried so hard to just continue describing what was happening on the track, fans online couldn't help but hear it and talk about it.

There were some fans who suggested that it was former F1 driver Martin Brundle who was making the noises, with some even suggesting that he did not realise that his mic was still on while he was doing it.

However, this was not the case at all and the mystery surrounding the "neeeow" man has now been solved.

The culprit has come forward to confess that it was him, as well as giving a little insight into how he managed to do it.

The revelation was made on Twitter, as the user luis baeza (@lbaeza06) posted a video from the US Grand Prix showing a bearded man standing next to one of the microphones for the TV coverage.

Watch the videos below.

Seemingly having fun and enjoying his shenanigans, the man continued to make the noise into the microphone, which was then broadcast to millions watching around the world.

It is nice to see that people can still have some fun with things like this, without too many people calling for him to be punished.

Good work, sir!

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