NFL fans think Joe Flacco hates Lamar Jackson after missing open TD

Pittsburgh Steelers v Baltimore Ravens

With all the talent that the team possesses, the Baltimore Ravens were expected to be real contenders to win the AFC North.

Instead, John Harbaugh is now facing scrutiny over the safety of his tenure in Baltimore, as his side slipped to 3rd in the division on 4-5 after losing to the Pittsburgh Steelers today.

One of the reasons for the Ravens struggles as of late has been their quarterback Joe Flacco. The veteran QB didn't throw a single touchdown today in this heated rivalry, but he had the easiest look ever at one point...but didn't see it.


With Flacco seemingly going through something of a downward spiral, the Ravens decided to make a big move last year in the Draft - selecting the talented but raw Lamar Jackson to become Flacco's new backup and potential successor. 

Just like in years gone by, it seems that Flacco hasn't taken too kindly to having some competition for his spot, with speculation out that he hasn't helped the rookie Jackson out at all since the Draft, intent on not giving his major threat a helping hand. 

And there may have been a moment today where Flacco completely ignored Jackson on a play that would've been an easy score for the ex-Louisville Cardinal. 

With five minutes left in the first quarter, Flacco looked to have an easy touchdown on 3rd and goal from the five against the Steelers, with Jackson wide open and heading for the end zone after running fake fly sweep.

Despite the fact that Jackson had no Steelers defenders around him, Flacco ended up throwing the ball away instead.

Coincidence or pettiness?

Well, we know what social media thinks of it all, and it doesn't reflect too kindly on the number five. 

This wouldn't be a first for Flacco. When Tyrod Taylor was on the team, he would sometimes line up at WR or as a wildcat QB and Flacco would ignore him too. Flacco event went as far as calling the wildcat usage "high school" stuff and revealed that even his wife called him out for not looking interested at all when the Ravens try to use him and another QB differently. 

“My wife gave me crap one day, told me I need to look more interested out there,” Flacco said. “But I’m just trying to stay out of it. I’m not comfortable out there. I don’t need to get too creative.”

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