Floyd Mayweather discusses his MMA ability, ahead of shock return

  • Jack Figg

Floyd Mayweather will make a sensational return to fighting when he takes on Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa on December 31.

Mayweather will meet the undefeated 20-year-old in Tokyo, Japan, with MMA promotion RIZIN Fight Federation promoting the bout.

Nasukawa is undefeated in 27 kickboxing bouts winning them all, with only one fight not being won by knockout, and the featherweight fighter also holds a 4-0 MMA record.

Mayweather, unbeaten in 50 professional boxing matches, last fought in a crossover money-grab bout when he defeated UFC star Conor McGregor after 10 rounds in their August 2017 meeting in Las Vegas.

After halting McGregor, Mayweather teased a potential switch over to the UFC, however, it was in Japan that the 41-year-old has decided to make an MMA move - but questions over the remarkable match remain unanswered.

In the fight announcement press-conference Mayweather stated the rules of the fight are yet to be agreed with many believing the American won’t fight in anything over than a boxing match - however, ‘Money’ told The Guardian he has skills that can transfer over to MMA.

Mayweather discusses his ability to fight in MMA 

“I can wrestle a little bit, I can box a lot-a-bit, and we’ll just see, I can do it all. I can do anything if I set my mind to it,” he said.

“I’ll speak with my team, but I’m pretty sure we’re going to be on the same page. One thing we have to do, we have to have rules.

“There’s rules and regulations to everything we do in life, so I’m pretty sure once I speak to the guys from my team, we’ll all going to get on the same page.”

Floyd Mayweather Jr. v Robert Guerrero

Mayweather, who hasn’t fought outside of Vegas since 2005 when he defeated Sharmba Mitchell, was questioned why he has decided to fight outside of America for the first time and especially choosing Japan for a comeback fight.

In typical Mayweather fashion, the undefeated five-weight world champion evaded any specifics to justify the bizarre circumstances he returns in, and instead put the fight down to wanting to ‘entertain’ fight fans.

“Everything’s about timing, it takes time and everything’s about timing, and it’s all about entertainment,” he said.

“I love to entertain, and I love for people to be entertained, and who don’t’ want to be entertained?

“So, it’s good to come over to another part of the world, have fun and enjoy myself.”

With Mayweather’s fight with Nasukawa being confirmed, will he compete in any rules other than traditional boxing?

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