NFL fans claim Bill O'Brien made x-rated remark about Broncos HC Vance Joseph

Houston Texans v Carolina Panthers

The Houston Texans and Denver Broncos matched up yesterday in a battle that saw the Texans enter 5-3 and the Broncos 3-5. 

As you can tell, the Broncos haven't made a good start to the 2018 season, and their fans are starting to get fed up of it, with calls increasing week after week for Vance Joseph to be relieved of his duties as head coach. 

And if that wasn't enough, at one point it looked like Texans head coach Bill O'Brien laid the boot in even more when he was captured on camera appearing to say something rather unsavoury about his opposite number. 

But let's start with the buildup. With 22 seconds left on the clock and the Broncos facing fourth-and-9 from Houston’s 44-yard line, Joseph sent Brandon McManus out to attempt a 62-yarder.

Unsurprisingly, McManus missed. And it gave the Texans a chance to score themselves.

O'Brien did what Joseph didn't and actually gave his kicker a chance - running two plays for a quick 20 yards, that led to a 46-yard Kai'mi Fairbairn FG that he duly nailed and saw the Broncos go from potentially 13-13 to a 16-10 deficit at halftime. 

That led to this piece of video...

And then came the replies...

More than a few people are convinced that O’Brien said this: “Good job Vance, you dumb ***.” It's just hard to find many that did it while not actually using the swear word that O'Brien apparently topped it off with. So trust us, there are more. 

Another possibility floated by other amateur lip readers is: “Good job you ****** idiot.”

Houston Texans v Jacksonville Jaguars

O'Brien was actually asked about what he said heading into the half, and of course, he denied it. 

“I was yelling at someone on our field goal unit,” O’Brien said to Pro Football Talk after the game. “I wouldn’t say that about another head coach.”

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