Wayne Rooney has been informed that he will only get a few minutes at the end of England v United States

Wayne Rooney's last international appearance won't go entirely as he expected

Shock news emerged earlier this week that Wayne Rooney will be getting one last appearance in an England shirt.

The DC United player last played for his country in 2016 but will feature when the Three Lions play against the United States on November 15.

The issue has been widely debated in recent days with many arguing whether Rooney should be given this opportunity or not.

One former player that has expressed his opposition is record England caps holder, Peter Shilton.

"I think there are better ways to do it," he told BBC Radio 4's Today programme. "We could have a presentation on the pitch.

"I think if he was picked on merit, fair enough. But I don't think you can give caps out like gifts.

"You have got to be careful it doesn't set a precedent. It's great Wayne's foundation are going to get money from this game, but that is going to happen whether Wayne plays or not."

Regardless, Rooney won't care what everyone thinks as he prepares for the game.

He's undoubtedly looking forward to the occasion, but, it isn't going to be entirely what he expected.

Rooney has been told he will only feature for a short period at the end of the game

According to the Sun, Rooney was expecting to play the first 20 to 30 minutes before milking the acclaim of the Wembley crowd when he was subbed.

That would give him a send off very similar to that of John Terry's at Chelsea.

However, it seems the FA have a different plan for him.

The sun go on to state that Rooney has been told by FA chiefs that he will only be given five or ten minutes at the end as a gesture of goodwill to mark his long service with the national team.

Rooney is surely not going to be too happy with that.

Rooney's foundation will only make money through voluntary donations

He will miss the opportunity to lead the team out, while he'll also miss the opportunity to milk the applause from fans after being subbed off.

Rooney will also be unhappy that the FA doesn't plan to give any gate receipts to the Wayne Rooney foundation or donate a fixed sum, per the Times.

The fixture is officially being called the Wayne Rooney Foundation International but the only money the charity will receive is though voluntary donations.

That's really poor from the FA. Not only are they not giving Rooney the send off he wants, but they are also failing to hand any money raised to the 33-year-old's charity.

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