David Haye trolls Dillian Whyte for calling him out after his second defeat to Bellew

Dillian Whyte Press Conference

Dillian Whyte and Dereck Chisora will finally renew their rivalry on December 22 in London, two years on from their last match-up, which was a classic that will live long in the memory of all those who watched. 

Two years on since Whyte claimed a split-decision victory and a lot has changed.

None more so than Chisora's unlikely partnership with David Haye, which was recently announced - something no boxing fan would ever have expected to see given the bitterness of their rivalry in the past.

Haye beat Chisora in 2012 but will now aid the 34-year-old in his quest to return the world title mix by managing his training schedule, having hung up the gloves earlier this year himself.

And Haye provided further evidence he is now firmly in Chisora's corner by firing a jibe at his next opponent Whyte in a new interview with iFL TV.

Chisora and Haye were discussing the upcoming fight to iFL TV when the latter was asked about the potential match-up between Whyte and himself that was very briefly mentioned in the aftermath of his last fight against Bellew.

Despite the fact he had lost, Whyte mentioned Haye's name as a potential future opponent, a weird decision that just made the former world champion laugh.

"Yeah that's the only thing that threw me, maybe he was doing it for some coverage, but you know he was ringside for when I fought Bellew for the second time. First time around you saw what happened but the second time I just got beat straight up and clearly ended my career," he said.

David Haye v Tony Bellew

"Instead of Dillian Whyte calling out the guy that beat me, Tony Bellew, he starts calling me out!"

"I'm like dude? Why you calling me out? What do you want from me? 'Oh I want to fight you and knock you out too.'

"Really? Is there no one else in this arena? And I remember thinking that's a strange, strange angle to come from." 

Haye then took his chance to ramp up the fighting talk ahead of the bout in December, saying: "That's the other side of him that's not very warrior like. Interesting guy." 

Haye will be hoping Chisora can take it to Whyte when the fight comes around, and the experienced boxer is doing his best to ramp up the coverage on this one.

There has been no reply yet from Whyte, but with the best part of two months to go until fight night, there is still plenty of time for more insults to be thrown

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