Sarfraz Ahmed rushed to umpire after Ross Taylor's 'disgraceful' arm gesture

Pakistan v New Zealand - 1st One Day International

There was bad blood and a sour taste left between Pakistan and New Zealand during and after the first one day international as batsman Ross Taylor accused Mohammad Hafeez of bowling the ball unlawfully.

Evidently enraged by the accusation, captain Sarfraz Ahmed rushed to the umpires to try and address the issue.

This was after Taylor gestured directly at the umpire in motion with an obviously angled elbow, insinuating Hafeez chucked the ball as opposed to bowled it in only the first over.

Hafeez certainly has history with his unorthodox style of bowling and has even been banned by the ICC on as many as four occasions which may have prompted his captain to rush to his defence.

Taylor, though, did not let the controversy surrounding him affect his impressive form.

He recorded a commendable and inevitably match-winning 80 on what was a slow pitch in Pakistan.

The incident continued and spilled over off of the pitch as Ahmed condemned Taylor’s actions and labelled it as disgraceful.

“I will say that Taylor’s action was not correct,” he openly suggested to the post-match media press team.

“It’s not his job to give (the) action which was shown on TV. It was disgraceful, for me.

“His job is to do batting and if he concentrates on that, it’s better. I complained to umpires that his action did not come under sportsmanship.”

Ahmed went on to express his disappointment in Taylor, in who he believes is otherwise an admirable cricketer.

“Ross is a professional cricketer and he should not have done that. He did it two or three times – it’s (the) umpires’ job. Hafeez’s action has no problem and (Taylor) was trying to create an issue without a reason.”

Recent reports have suggested that the Pakistan side has filed an official complaint against the batsman with the match referee Javagal Srinath; the outcome of the complaint remains to be seen as officials look deeper into the case.

Pakistan v New Zealand - 1st One Day International

In turn, New Zealand won the first ODI by 47 runs, to ensure Taylor’s knock didn’t prove ineffective.

The second of the three ODIs will be played in Abu Dhabi tomorrow.

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