Formula One fans noticed a controversial theme in planned Vietnam Grand Prix circuit


Formula One has unveiled the Vietnam Grand Prix as the first addition to the racing calendar under the ownership of Liberty Media.

Confirmed on Wednesday by F1 officials, the Hanoi race will become the fourth in Asia alongside Singapore, Japan and China when it debuts in 2020.

The Vietnamese capital - which has long been considered a likely addition to the current schedule - is sure to be a season highlight based on its proposed layout.

Created in collaboration with designer Hermann Tilke, the 5.565km circuit is said to draw inspiration from world-famous tracks including the Nurburgring, Monaco, Suzuka and Sepang.

Joining the three other F1 street races in Monaco, Singapore and Azerbaijan, Vietnam has the makings of an event that will test drivers and delight fans.

"Since we became involved in this sport in 2017, we have talked about developing new destination cities to broaden the appeal of Formula 1," said F1's chief executive Chase Carey, per BBC Sport.

"The Vietnamese Grand Prix is a realisation of that ambition."

But for those behind the wheel, not everyone is thrilled with the decision.

F1 Grand Prix of USA

Despite coasting to his fifth F1 title a fortnight ago, Lewis Hamilton feels the shrinking gap between seasons is becoming a problem.

"It already feels like we are on race 25 this year, so I don't think [adding the Vietnam GP is] a good thing personally," he said, per ESPN.

When how many events should comprise each campaign, Hamilton said: “I think 18 was probably the best back in the day.

"I'm someone who really loves racing, but the season is long. It's a lot of commitment for all of us, and a lot of time away from families, and the seasons are getting longer, and the off time is getting shorter. All I can speak is for myself.

"The turnaround is so short, you start preparing for your next season often as soon as the season is done. Getting your mind turned. That's very difficult.

“Then you have to find a way of switching off and recovering at the same time. It's most likely I'm not going to be here when it gets to 25, that's for sure.”

Fans seem to be split over the teased layout - though there's one common theme that should encourage some exciting top speeds if nothing else.

It features three long straights - one of which stretches 1.5km - and should encourage top speeds of 335km/h (208mph).

And with that in mind, fans expect Ferrari to excel…

Well, it’s no secret Ferrari have boasted the quickest cars on the grid in recent years.

So, no wonder Hamilton doesn’t come across as overly keen about the Vietnam Grand Prix.

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