Pat Cummins bizarre delayed reaction to wicket goes viral

Australia v South Africa - 2nd ODI

Australian fast bowler Pat Cummins prompted much hilarity on social media and joshing from his teammates after a bizarrely delayed reaction to South African David Miller being given out on review in their second one day international on Friday.

The Australians called for the Decision Review System after Marcus Stonis trapped Miller on the leg in front of the stumps. The original decision was given not out by the on-field umpire and as so the decision went upstairs.

Cummins was thrown off by a mix up with the DRS system, which showed the ball tracking element first and the real time Snickometer to see if the ball hit the bat.

Usually, Snicko will be shown on screen first to see if there was any bat involved, and then ball tracking will confirm whether the ball was going to hit the stumps and therefore out.

Snicko confirmed Miller’s fate that he was out but left Cummins confused as to whether the decision had been fully given as he was expecting to see ball tracking. The Aussie players were celebrating wildly next to an utterly confused Cummins as pictured hilariously below.

Cummins joked afterwards that he had done the fast bowling fraternity no favours with his very public brain fade moment.

“I was a bit slow, I probably haven’t done the bowlers much of a favour,” he joked after the game.

“I thought there had to be something else like D-R … what is it? Snicko or something had to come up?

“Anyway, I had no idea what was going on and then everyone else started celebrating.”

He captioned a picture of himself in the incident with the line ‘when you lose at credit card roulette’ after seeing social media captions such as, ‘when Powerball comes out and you’re the only person in the office that didn’t chip in’.

In a video posted later by his Aussie teammate Glenn Maxwell, he and Maxwell laughed about some of the funny social media messages he had received since the incident.

The Australians ended up winning a very tight game by seven runs and they levelled the series with one left to play the third in Hobart on Sunday.

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