Eric Bischoff reveals what really happened in backstage fight with Ric Flair in 2002

Ric Flair

Most rivalries in the WWE and in wrestling as a whole are fabricated for our entertainment, but, of course, every now and again some bad blood backstage makes it onto our screens.

After all, Vince McMahon knows there is big money to be made in unbelievable angles.

Back in 2006, McMahon had the bright idea of having Matt Hardy and Edge feud against each other after Edge, in real life, had an affair with Hardy's then partner, Lita. Of course on air, Lita was now with Edge, too.

Well back at the height of the Monday Night Wars, both WCW and WWE tried to put on angles where the boss would have a personal rivalry with a superstar; in WWE, it was Steve Austin Vs Vince McMahon, in WCW, it was Eric Bischoff Vs Ric Flair.

While it's obvious which angle played out better, the WWE's was fabricated while WCW's was very real.

Flair felt that Bischoff was trying to oust him from the company for years and had booked him to make him look bad. He believed Bischoff wanted a new wave of main event stars and that didn't include Flair.

After WCW's demise, Flair and Bischoff would link up again in WWE in 2002 after the latter took the role of general manager.

Speaking on his 83 Weeks podcast, Bischoff detailed how Flair never lost his bad blood for Bischoff and he attacked him backstage that same year.

Flair and Bischoff

"It was a process. It didn't happen like over a weekend. While I was in WCW, we kind of put our immediate issue to bed and worked an angle together as a result to that, or using that issue and all the heat that we created which was real, I thought at that point we put it behind us," stated Bischoff. "Of course, I left WCW thinking that Ric Flair and I were still cool.

"I didn't see him or cross paths with him until we were both at WWE. Even when I got to the WWE, the first several months, maybe even six, I can't remember when he and I got into a backstage altercation with a lack of a better way of saying it up until that moment I thought we put it past us.

"Ric is a very emotional guy and it had been building up in him and I think it just boiled over with him one day that I still had heat with him. Because one day I am sitting in a chair and talking on the phone with my wife and a real estate agent and Ric comes in and rifles a couple of shots on the side of my head," said Bischoff.


Bischoff did not respond to Flair's assault and seemingly just got on with things while at work. It wasn't until a European tour several months later that the pair would kiss and make up.

"After that happened and I realized that we aren't friends like I thought we were, a couple of months went by, and I believe we were in the UK and were in the hotel bar after the show and everyone was having a good time and I happened to walk into the bar.

"I didn't really look around me, I just walked into the bar and Ric Flair is about 4-5 feet away from me. He just kind of smiled and looked at me and came over. We just started chatting like nothing ever happened and we have remained good friends ever since."

The pair would go on to work with each other in TNA and, according to Bischoff, are friends to this day. They join a long line of backstage fights in WWE that includes Booker T teaching Batista a lesson and Chris Jericho getting the best of Goldberg.

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