Henrikh Mkihitaryan singles out Unai Emery's most important change at Arsenal

Unai Emery has had an excellent start to life as Arsenal boss.

Arsenal took a step into the unknown for the first time in over twenty years this summer when they replaced Arsene Wenger with Unai Emery.

It was a huge risk - Wenger may have seen the side slip in recent years but he had still kept Arsenal competitive for two decades.

The transition to Emery initially looked tricky - the Spaniard lost his opening two games, first to Manchester City and then to Chelsea - but things have improved dramatically since.

15 games have passed without defeat since that loss to the Blues, including a streak of eleven consecutive wins.

Any fears that the club would slide if Wenger were to leave appear to have been banished - although Emery still needs to find long-term success, of course.

But it's certainly fair to say that taking the risk was the right move for Arsenal and that Emery has brought about positive changes.

And according to Henrikh Mkhitaryan, one impact from Emery is especially worth singling out.

“It is not that a big thing has changed, it is only the fact of the manager,” said Mkhitaryan. “But as well the culture changed a bit in the club and as well outside the club.

"Now people are believing more in ourselves because we are playing a bit differently, we are giving them confidence and playing the way they want us to play.

Arsenal are currently fifteen games unbeaten under Emery.

"We are scoring goals, winning games, and it is the best feeling for the supporters.”

That was the dream scenario for Arsenal when changing their manager - to move in a positive, confident direction, playing the football they love to see.

Emery is delivering that and has done so without changing too much, according to Mkhitaryan.

When asked to detail what brought about the change in culture, the Armenian had this to say:

Alexandre Lacazette won a point against Liverpool last weekend.

“The playing style, the playing philosophy. Not a lot but he has just built on the base Arsene Wenger has built in 22 years.

"The players have accepted all the conditions. Everything is what Emery is expecting and asking from us.”

Arsenal are certainly moving in the right direction and if Emery can keep this culture of confidence going, there's no real limit on what they could achieve.

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