Sebastian Vettel’s temper gets him into hot water again after weighbridge incident

F1 Grand Prix of Brazil - Qualifying

Sebastian Vettel has been fined €25,000 following on from an incident where he went against FIA protocol during a random weigh-in of his car while qualifying for the Brazil GP.

With the drivers' championship race now concluded, Ferrari still harbour dreams of wrestling the constructors' title from Mercedes, and Vettel will be desperate to maximise his points haul in the last two races of the season.

Ferrari had just taken a strategy gamble by putting a softer tyre on Vettel’s car, just as the rain was expected to start. This left him with what he believed to be a very limited amount of time to complete his lap.

Getting the car weighed is a timely process, and so Vettel understandably felt his position could have been severely compromised as a result of being selected for the random check.

According to the stewards' report, Vettel 'did not stop the engine at the time he was directed by the official at the scales'.

He also 'knocked over the cone placed to stop the driver from driving onto the scales, which he then did' and he later 're-fired the car and drove off the scales, which is not the procedure because it can damage the scales, which in this case he did'. 

Initial footage from on-board Vettel's car made it obvious the German was pretty unhappy at the time.

But fan footage, shot from the Interlagos circuit, shows just how Vettel damaged the scales in his haste to get back to the pits.

He was not a happy bunny. Fortunately, Vettel was not punished with a grid penalty and will start Sunday's GP on the front row behind recently crowned champion Hamilton.

Vettel has faced significant criticism with regard to his temperament over the last couple of seasons.

This was another example of his hot-headedness costing him, and nearly his team too. Last year, he famously gave in to road rage as he deliberately drove into Lewis Hamilton because he believed Hamilton had ‘brake-tested’ him.


He has also on several occasions during the course of this season shown his frustration with Ferrari’s race engineers over the radio.

Several high-profile errors in 2018 have made Hamilton's triumph slightly easier and called into question his ability to remain calm under the pressure of wheel-to-wheel racing. 

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