Tyreek Hill may have won the NFL's best celebration of 2018

The Kansas City Chiefs continued their incredible 2018 season on Sunday with yet another win.

Facing off against the Arizona Cardinals at Arrowhead, the Chiefs made hard work of getting the victory over the Cards, who they were expected to destroy.

Eventually coming out 26-14 winners, the Chiefs had more several highlight plays to add to their collection, but the best moment of the game came without the ball even in play.

Within the first minute of the game, Patrick Mahomes had targeted his lightning-fast wide receiver Tyreek Hill three times. Here’s how those plays went: the first went for a 38-yard completion, then an incompletion, and finally a 37-yard touchdown strike right down the middle of the field.

3 plays, all the way down the field, seven points on the board.

And after getting off to literally the best start possible, Hill decided to do something memorable to honour his score.

‘The Cheetah’ didn’t just high-five fans in the stands at Arrowhead, he decided to get in there with them. Check it out here…

Hill wasn’t done there, however.

With the first half drawing to a close, Mahomes and Hill connected once again for a touchdown and Hill upped the ante.

This time, after leaping into the stands once again, the wideout took over a CBS camera in use at the game and started recording his teammates in real-time.

And here’s the angle that Hill had for it, with the moment being made even better by the fact that the Chiefs star managed to catch himself being flagged on camera – as you can clearly see a flying yellow flag entering the screen. 

That has got to be a first.

The Chiefs managed to extend their record to 9-1 for the season, good enough for first in the AFC West and tied with the Los Angeles Rams for best in the NFL. 

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