Dion Dawkins: One of the NFL's heaviest players scored a TD on Sunday

The ‘Big Guy Touchdown’ is one of the rarest and most wholesome moments in modern-day football. 

The hog-mollies on the offensive line, who line up in the trenches week after week and take a physical pounding on nearly every play, don’t get anywhere near the credit that a number of flashier positions do in the NFL.

Scoring points as an offensive lineman is even rarer than one being noticed and becoming a household name. Which is why, when these giant behemoth human beings do get into the endzone – it needs to be celebrated.

The Buffalo Bills haven’t had a good season at all, with promising rookie Josh Allen going down with injury which led the team into quarterback purgatory that has seen a lot more turnovers and a lot more misery in Buffalo. 

After scoring a combined 20 points over their last three games, the Bills faced off against the equally struggling New York Jets and put up 31 points in the first half alone. It included a glorious moment for Dion Dawkins.

With recently signed free agent Matt Barkley at QB, the Bills went deep into their playbook to draw up a scoring play.

That incredible play saw the left tackle Dawkins slip out of the offensive line after reporting eligible and rumbling uncovered into the endzone to catch a pass from Barkley and put another seven on the scoreboard.

You can check out the amazing moment here…

Now, let’s get down in the specifics. 

Dion Dawkins weighs around 320lbs. That is around 145 kilograms or over 22 stone depending on what unit you prefer.

That is a large man. A very large man. One of the NFL’s heaviest infact, even if he pales in comparison to Trent Brown – who tips the scales at 380lbs. 

He shouldn’t be anywhere near that endzone, which makes this all the better. 

It’s a joyous moment and the falling over after the slightest contact makes it even better. Just knowing that Dawkins seems so uncoordinated compared to an Antonio Brown, who plays the same game, is the cherry on this cake.

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