Max Verstappen made his feelings very clear on the podium after Brazil Grand Prix


After British motor racing sensation Lewis Hamilton clinched yet another Drivers' World Championship, his fifth in all, there were many who suggested that the last two races of the 2018 Formula One season would be a borefest.

This was certainly not the case at the Brazilian Grand Prix on Sunday, though, as there was plenty of excitement and drama from the very beginning, giving us lots to talk about today, mostly all about Max Verstappen.

The young Dutch driver has bags of potential and seemed to be showing a lot more maturity in recent races, but, following an incident which cost him the race win, a little bit of his immature side reappeared.

Max was leading the Brazilian Grand Prix and looked set to cruise to victory, when back marker Esteban Ocon decided to try unlap himself, which led to the two drivers touching, with Verstappen spinning off and handing the race lead, and the win, to Hamilton.

After the race, the 21-year-old was understandably upset and angry about what had happened, but he still needs to try to show a certain level of professionalism and maturity, which he was quite clearly lacking.

After first going after Ocon and pushing him several times, looking like he even wanted to hit the driver, Max then took his immaturity to the podium, where he appeared to storm off without getting involved in the champagne excitement.

You can watch his swift exit below.

And here's what Formula One fans had to say about his actions.

With that said, though, Verstappen did reappear to pose for some photos with his fellow podium drivers Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen, which begs the question, was he told to do so, or did he realise the error of his ways.

There is no denying that Max Verstappen still has a lot of growing up to do, but one thing is for sure, he is going to become one of the all-time Formula One greats.

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