Sir Clive Woodward slams England defeat to All Blacks

New Zealand v Australia - Final: Rugby World Cup 2015

The England rugby team has given us some fantastic performances over the years, and it looked like we were going to get yet another day to remember at Twickenham, with one of the best starts we have ever seen.

England were playing the All Blacks and few would have predicted the start that England made, going 15-0 up and looking like cruising their way to a very impressive win.

Unfortunately, though, it did not end up that way.

Rather than capitalising on their early dominance, England let the All Blacks back into the game and when the score became 15-13, England had the chance to kick a penalty for three points, but instead chose the go for the line-out.

It was a decision that backfired and England would come to regret, as the All Blacks took advantage of the calapse and ended up winning the game 16-15, which left former England coach Sir Clive Woodward fuming.

After the game, Woodward said: "Those calls were wrong.

“If you sat down with your team in a classroom and outlined the situation — there are ten minutes to go, it’s pouring down, do we go for the line-out or take the three points?

“I think every player would say kick the goal. You have to take that on to the pitch and not get carried away with emotion.

"There were lots of plus points, but they lost. I would be pretty cranky if I was in Eddie’s shoes.

New Zealand v Australia - Final: Rugby World Cup 2015

“As the days go on, they will become a little more angry with themselves. I don’t believe coaching and playing for England is about building for the future. It’s about the here and now.

“If you’ve got the chance of taking the drop-goal and getting three points, build the score.

“England had a chance of adding the points to go 18-13 up. New Zealand scored only one try and we went for the line-out. That was a big mistake. Everyone is harping on about the try or no try from Sam Underhill, but, for me, not to take those points was a big error.

“These leadership decisions on the field of play are absolutely key. They are what win or lose you a World Cup and we need to get better.”


While Sir Clive was clearly very disappointed with the events that unfolded, current England coach Eddie Jones insisted that he was proud of his team and he backed every decision they made.

We look forward to seeing how England bounce back from this one.

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