Remembering how Sebastian Vettel confronted a driver after on-track altercation

F1 Grand Prix of Brazil

In 2016, at the Chinese Grand Prix, there was an open post-race dispute between Sebastian Vettel and Daniil Kvyat which proved not to be the first altercation between the two.

Vettel had been clearly knocked into his teammate Kimi Raikkonen, forcing him to spin out after a hit from the back from Kvyat.

The two met after the race and exchanged words and feelings regarding the incident.

Vettel was obviously the more upset of the two, as he said: “You came like a torpedo. You’ll crash if you go like that.”

Vettel called Kvyat a “badman” during the race and vented frustration in his post-race interview, as he said: “S*** happens, that’s what happened. If you crash with your teammate you aren’t going to be happy.”

Despite a similar event occurring in the very next race, Vettel in this occasion, and the next, remained composed and relatively relaxed.

He chose to speak to Kvyat and allowed him to respond in person without raising his voice or seeming too animated at all.

Vettel was commended for keeping so calm and professional in this situation.

The same most certainly can not be said for Max Verstappen after his in-and-out of race clash with Esteban Ocon at the Brazilian GP this weekend.

The Dutch driver was left furious with Ocon as the driver came out of the pit lane in what Verstappen described as a very risky way.

Verstappen was leading the race after having taken over Lewis Hamilton before colliding with Ocon, who was coming out of the pit two laps behind the 21-year-old, who ultimately finished in second place.

Three times Verstappen pushed Ocon in the chest with excessive force in the paddock as the two had to be physically separated to stop any further escalation from commencing.

Verstappen marched off with intense frustration without giving the racer a chance to respond to his actions at all.

Speaking after the race, he declared that he does not regret his actions and said they only spurred from his passion for the sport.

“We are all passionate about the sport, right? I mean it would be odd if I would shake his hand.”

He continued: “regrets? No. I am a winner so to get taken out like that and to get a stupid response from his side as well. I was not happy with him.”

The driver has since received punishment for his actions and will be forced to endure two days of public service.

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