Becky Lynch gets face busted open during SmackDown's invasion of WWE RAW


WWE amped up their build up to Survivor Series this weekend on this week's Monday Night Raw in several ways, but it was arguably the ending of the show that caught everyone's attention.

One of the biggest matches at Survivor Series this Sunday will be the Champion vs Champion match between Raw Women's Champion Ronda Rousey and SmackDown Women's Champion Becky Lynch.

So far in the build to this feud, both superstars had been cutting promos on one another on their respective shows. That all changed this week on Raw when SmackDown invaded the show.

Near the end of Raw, Lynch was shown attacking Rousey with a DisArmHer before being broken up by officials, to at which point the SmackDown superstar made her way to the ring where other members of her brand were waiting for her.

Raw and SmackDown superstars brawled in the ring. Becky even got hit so hard at one moment, it caused her to be busted open and for blood to appear from her nose.

Rousey's music hit, with the Raw Women's Champion racing her way down to the ring looking for vengeance. She would go through a couple of the SmackDown stars before her Survivor Series opponent attacked her with a chair.

Lynch and the rest of the SmackDown invasion used this moment to retreat through the crowd, knowing that their work on the night was done. Rousey looked at them leave in pure rage as the show went off the air.

It was a great way to end the show, and arguably one of the best segments WWE has ever produced for women's wrestling in years. Hats off to both Lynch and Rousey for their highlighted performances.

Becky Lynch leads SmackDown's invasion of Raw, attacks Ronda Rousey with a chair

Also, many WWE fans gave the SmackDown Women's Champion credit for continuing on with a bloody face, as it added the fierce competition between the two brands and the will to do whatever it takes to come out on top. Many fans called it her 'Stone Cold 3:16' moment.

Many believe the moment which caused Becky's nose to be busted open occurred when she was attacking Nia Jax, as you can suddenly see her fall back onto the ring canvas at that point in the brawl and check her nose.

Nevertheless, both Lynch and Rousey did a fantastic job of increasing the hype for their match at Survivor Series this Sunday, and one would have to think it has a very strong chance of main eventing the entire show.

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