Lewis Hamilton pays tribute to his team after clinching constructors title in Brazil

F1 Grand Prix of Brazil

There are a number of unsung heroes that make up a Formula 1 team.

The audience are accustomed to the drivers getting the glory, but behind the bright lights and fanfare, a lot of hard work goes into getting the cars on the track continually in good working order.

Their names may not be common knowledge, but the drivers know exactly who they are and are extremely grateful in the selfless way they go about their role in the team.

A case in point is Lewis Hamilton.

In 2018, the British driver won his fourth Drivers' Championship in five seasons which is an incredible feat.

While his overall quality is not in question, Hamilton needs everything to be perfect once the race weekend comes around.

Hamilton registered his 10th victory of the season on Sunday at the Brazilian GP and that win sealed the constructors title for Mercedes.

Understandably there was a lot to celebrate and Hamilton was very quick to acknowledge his team.

Hamilton was filmed saying: "We are now legends so just remember that.

F1 Grand Prix of Brazil

"When you go home, when you look in the mirror, when you wake up, you’ve got to say that to yourself: ‘I’m a legend.'"

The speech that Hamilton made was full of humility - he talked further about the joy he felt when he saw their reactions after the race.

Hamilton praised the 'communication and energy that he gets from every member of his team,' which he believes is a major reason why they stay ahead of the rest.

He urged them to keep that momentum going well into the future.

Formula 1 is such an intense occupation, and Hamilton is one of, if not the, most fierce competitor there is.

That is why it is so nice to see him in this relaxed frame of mind.

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