Jalen Ramsey seems to be burning his bridges with the Jaguars

This was supposed to be the year that the Jacksonville Jaguars made the step up from a team with potential to a realistic Super Bowl contender. 

2017 saw the Jaguars establish themselves as having the best defense in all of football, and with Leonard Fournette, a superstar to base the offense around. 

And then the new season came. And it has been clear ever since that we all expected to much of the Jags. The defense has regressed to something unrecognisable from last year, Blake Bortles hasn’t improved, and Fournette’s injury woes have continued. Right now, the Jags are 3-6, last in the AFC South. Last.

This was compounded by their latest defeat, the teams 5th in a row, that saw him fall to divisional rivals the Indianapolis Colts by a score of 26-29. 

That loss to the Colts saw some awful moments from the Jaguars defense, including some huge blown assignments that lead to easy touchdowns for the Colts.

And now, Jaguars team legend Tony Boselli has come out firing, claiming that at some points during the game, Jalen Ramsey decided to go completely off script.

On his radio show yesterday, Boselli claimed that Ramsey decided to ignore some zone defense play calls and instead ran press-man coverage.

Ramsey is an aggressive corner, the type that lives to dominate an opponent. You can’t do that in zone, but you can in man. There’s a chance he got frustrated with how things are going and decided to freestyle.

And it may not be the first time he has done this…

If this is true, and Ramsey is just going rogue when he gets annoyed, that’s a big problem for the Jags and it shows what little control Doug Marrone really has over the extravagant personalities on his defense.

And there’s more. 

After the game on Sunday, Ramsey posted this cryptic tweet talking about people missing him when he’s gone. 

He also uploaded it to his Instagram page as well, adding his location of Jacksonville, Florida for added emphasis.

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