Diego Maradona has claimed Jose Mourinho is a better manager than Pep Guardiola

Diego Maradona during Mineros de Zacatecas v Dorados

Pep Guardiola is most certainly faring better at Manchester City than Jose Mourinho is at Manchester United at the moment.

The Spanish manager has led his side to first place in the Premier League having picked up 32 points from their opening 12 games.

United and Mourinho, on the other hand, are not faring as well.

United have had numerous problems this season and are 12 points worse off than their bitter rivals.

They've collected just 20 points from their opening 12 games and currently occupy eighth place in the league; behind the likes of Bournemouth and Watford.

Diego Maradona has been keeping a close on the Premier League and he has given his opinion on who he thinks is the better manager of the two.

Surprisingly, the Argentine declared that he thinks Mourinho is in fact the superior manager of the two.

In an interview with Marca, Maradona said: "Mourinho is the best without doubt.

"I would give Pep the merit of taking advantage of the launch that Johan Cruyff gave him.

"I have said on more than one occasion that tiki-taka was not invented by Guardiola.

Maradona maintains Mourinho is a better manager than Guardiola

"It was 'flaco' Cruyff. At the moment Pep is able to choose any player in the world that he wants. That way tiki-taka is easier."

Doesn't seem he's a very big fan of Guardiola.

Maradona also stated that he wants to ask Mourinho 'a lot of questions' so he can continue to improve as a manager.

"Myself as a coach I need to learn a lot and for that reason I think I will go to Manchester and Mourinho to ask him a lot of things," he added.

Interesting stuff. Although Mourinho has been one of the most successful managers of the past decade and a half, he hasn't had the greatest of times in the past few years.

But, Maradona has overlooked that fact and remains one of Mourinho's biggest fans.

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