Joey Barton responds to Daniel Sturridge's FA betting charge


Daniel Sturridge has been charged by the FA with misconduct for alleged breaches of its betting rules in January this year.

A statement on the FA’s official website said:  "Daniel Sturridge has been charged with misconduct in relation to alleged breaches of The FA’s Betting Rules, specifically in relation to Rule E8(1)(a)(ii) and Rule E8(1)(b), during the period of January 2018.”

The most noteworthy aspects of Rule E8(1)(a)(ii) and Rule E8(1)(b) states that a player couldn’t provide information "obtained by virtue of his position" and "is not publicly available".

It’s believed Sturridge informed some people about his future loan move to West Brom - with odds of around 66/1 at the time.

The Liverpool striker has until Tuesday, 20 November to respond.

While Sturridge may not have actually placed a bet himself, he could still face a hefty punishment from the FA.

One man that has definitely fallen foul of the FA’s strict betting rules is Joey Barton.

He was originally banned for 18 months for placing 1,260 bets on football matches over a 10-year period.

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And now Barton has had his say on Sturridge’s charge - and he has sympathy for him.

The Fleetwood Town boss believes the FA need to change their ‘draconian’ betting rules because they’re far too strict.

"They have to revise their approach," Barton told Sky Sports News. "The players that are getting exposed and banned for it are really the tip of the iceberg.

"There's a lot of people who have vested interest in promoting and advertising gambling, I don't think it's a problem with that.

"I just think it's a problem when we ban something that is clearly a massive part of our game and then we start banning players for it.


"I'm not saying we should allow betting on games because obviously, it would probably hurt the integrity of the sport but I think we need to be a bit more 21st century about our approach.

"I do think the rule here is a little bit too draconian, a little bit too hard line.

"What difference does it make if a player in the Premier League is betting on the Brazilian league, how can he influence that?

"The zero-tolerance approach is clearly always going to have casualties."

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In truth, it’s hard to disagree with Barton on his take.

However, that’s no consolation for Sturridge.

If the FA find him guilty to have informed people about his impending move to West From, then the 29-year-old could be in big trouble.

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