N'Golo Kante has gone up further in people's estimations after Football Leaks report

N'Golo kante has been the subject of a positive report from Football Leaks.

The information coming out of Football Leaks over the past week or two has been very damning for top level football.

First, there was the revelation that the elite of Europe had been planning the long-rumoured 'European Super League - something that certainly did not go down well with fans.

The leaks about the way certain clubs are run, Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain principal among them, has looked particularly bad.

Investigations have been suggested by the Premier League and FIFA, with La Liga calling for punishments to the teams looking circumvent the rules.

It has reached a point where there are new leaks nearly every day - none of them looking very good for the state of European football.

In among all the negativity, however, there has been a particularly nice story.

And when it comes to nice stories in football, you can usually make a pretty decent bet that it somehow involves N'Goglo Kante - much like this one.

According to the latest report from Football Leaks, Kante was offered the standard deal for his image rights at Chelsea: for the money to be paid into an offshore account, thus avoiding heavy taxing.

That is made possible thanks to a large amount of the money being generated from outside of England but Kante decided he didn't want the complication.

Fans have found a way to love Kante even more.

“N’Golo is inflexible, he simply wants a normal salary,” a leaked email from his tax advisor said. 

“After reading numerous press articles on image rights and tax investigations against players and clubs, N’Golo is increasingly concerned that the set-up proposed to him could be questioned by the tax authorities.

"N’Golo decided that he did not want to take any risks.”

The move is set to cost Kante hundreds of thousands of pounds in tax and, needless to say, it has only increased peoples' love for the Frenchman.

You can check out the reaction below:

Yes, it's the right thing to do and most people obviously don't use offshore tax havens to avoid it - but Kante had that opportunity easily available to him.

But he was willing to give up six-figure sums in order to do the right thing.

For that, Kante fully deserves an awful lot of praise.

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