Footage provides new angle on Esteban Ocon's clash with Verstappen

F1 Grand Prix of Brazil

After the weekend's controversy in which Esteban Ocon was punished for causing a crash with Brazillian Grand Prix leader Max Verstappen, new footage and leaked audio may change many fans original perception of the incident.

Ocon received a 10 second stop-go when his attempted overtake of the Dutchman, resulted in both men spinning out. Verstappen, who had already lapped the Force India driver was rightfully infuriated at the affair and even resorted to pushing Ocon after the race.

The result of the crash not only affected the body-work on Verstappen's car but also hampered his chances of catching Hamilton, as the Red Bull driver was forced to settle for P2 as a result of the clash.

“We did everything today. He [Ocon] was such an idiot he gets taken out while he’s being lapped,” Verstappen said after the race.

“I think the race was better than expected for us today. The car worked well. The strategy worked well. I’m happy with second, but we should have won today.”

What seemed to be such a blatant piece of reckless endangerment from Ocon's side, now has some people rethinking their initial comments.

New footage and audio show Verstappen's awareness of the Force India driver, who was told by his team to pass the Dutchman if he wanted. 

With Verstappen on course for the first back-to-back wins of his career, then fought back and has now been accused of 'squeezing' which essentially forced Ocon into the crash.

Have a look at the video below, which shows the incident from Ocon's perspective and the previous lap:

Perhaps Verstappen wasn't completely blameless as the two cars came together after all?

Ocon's team have kept a firm stance on proceedings and maintain the Frenchman's innocence.

“I don’t think I need to comment on what happened,” said Ocon. “He didn’t leave me space.”

“Yeah, you were ahead and he didn’t leave you space,” his Force India engineer replied.

Regardless, the FIA will take no further action on the incident, having already served Verstappen two days of community service for his angry reaction towards Ocon in the paddock

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