Triple H says Undisputed Era has 'impressed him'

Undisputed Era in NXT

Stables have a rich history in the WWE and they have spawned some of the biggest stars in the history of the business, without a doubt.

The Rock came from the Nation of Domination, Triple H came from D-Generation X, Randy Orton and Batista came from Evolution and, of course, The Shield created three world champions in Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose.

In the WWE today, stables are more scarce with superstars opting to strive for the top doing it the hard way. Or, at the very least, their own way.

But, in NXT, the Undisputed Era has been winning fans over and setting shows alight for over a year now and the stable looks like it is only getting better and better.

With the superstar-bound Adam Cole serving as the groups de facto leader, he's supported by NXT tag team champions Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly with Roderick Strong being the final, talented piece.

This Saturday, Undisputed Era will take on Pete Dunne, Ricochet and War Raiders in the WW's second-ever War Games match and if it is anything like last year's clash, it's bound to be a classic.

Speaking to the media ahead of the event, Gary Stonehouse from The Sun quizzed NXT's brainchild, Triple H, on what he thinks about the Undisputed Era and he had some heavy praise for the quartet. Thanks to for the video.

"I think they can go wherever they want to go, to be honest. You know, there's something when a group like that exists and it's real and there's just something you can feel about it. All those guys get along, they all are truly close, they all think similarly, they all have this connection between them - so it plays off well," Triple H said.

"And what I mean by that: when they're on-screen together, it's authentic. it's not forced, it doesn't feel like two square pegs and one round peg trying to be on the same page, or they don't quite fit or they're kind of working together but it's not quite polished; they're very seamless. They get along and it shows.

Undisputed Era

"I think for them as a group, it can lead them to being wherever they want to be. I'm impressed with them, they've impressed me from the start as a group but have continued to grow and become better and better and better and I would expect his War Games to be something spectacular because I know they'll all work towards that common goal, and that's to make the most spectacular War Games match ever seen for a fan."

There's no doubt that the chemistry of this group is off the charts and all four men could make an impact on the main roster. How much longer can they really stay in the confines of NXT?

That's a decision for Triple H and Vince McMahon to make, but let's hope they are used properly if they do get the call-up, unlike some of their predecessors.

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