The WWE wants Shawn Michaels to have three dream matches before he retires again

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After being retired from wrestling for eight years, Shawn Michaels made a spectacular return to the ring at WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia earlier this month.

Fans were kind of split on whether to rejoice at Heart Break Kid's comeback or not. While fans had dreamt of dream matches for Michaels since he left, a tag team match of D-Generation X versus the Brother of Destruction wasn't quite what many fans had in mind.

This wasn't the long-haired, super-nimble HBK either. This was 53-year-old, bald Michaels. Which, ultimately isn't that important, but aesthetically, it was certainly something.

DX would win the encounter in Saudi Arabia, but at a cost. Triple H suffered a torn pectoral muscle and the match itself was laden with botches. Something Michaels isn't familiar with at all.

Fans were also critical at the type of match Michaels came out of retirement for and many suggested if it wasn't for the Saudi Arabian money, he wouldn't have.

Speaking after the event, Michaels suggested that he would go back into retirement and resume his training duties down in Orlando, Florida at the NXT Performance Center.

However, according to Brad Shepard, Michaels was meant to have a several matches post-Crown Jewel and while that plan has died down, he may well still have a few with three in mind.

“I was talking with a source in WWE about the Shawn Michaels situation. Obviously, he had a total disaster of a match at Crown Jewel. It looked like mid-2000’s TNA stuff. So what I’m told now is more than likely he will wrestle again still.”


“The plan, to begin with, was multiple matches but after that disaster of a performance that changed things. But what I’m told is more likely than not you’re gonna get HBK vs an AJ Styles or Daniel or kinda a nostalgia match like an Undertaker again. So he is going to wrestle at least once more, maybe more, but he will wrestle once more. But it’s going to be one of those two scenarios.”

First of all, the match wasn't that bad. And, Michaels was probably the best performer in it.

Second of all, any of those three matches would be major draws for the company, even at the ripe age of 53.

Former world heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyso

However, having seen the Undertaker go at Crown Jewel and his declining performances in recent years, it might be for the best if HBK and the Deadman don't work again. Let AJ or Bryan carry a match with Michaels the way Rock did for Hogan back in 2002.

What do you guys think about Michaels wrestling again?

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