Ronda Rousey reveals who helped her write her 'Millennial Man' promo from WWE Raw


Fans may have to wait a little while longer now to see Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch battle it out in the middle of the ring, but they were treated to some fantastic promos while their feud was still happening.

Rousey vs Lynch was the hottest feud in the WWE entering Survivor Series, and probably would have turned out to be one of the best feuds of the year.

However, due to The Man's injury from SmackDown's invasion of Monday Night Raw earlier this week, their match is no longer happening.

Before the SmackDown Women's Champion's injury though, the Raw Women's Champion delivered a great promo on her during that same episode of Raw where she called Lynch 'Millennial Man'.

In her most recent vlog before this past Monday's Raw, Rousey revealed she landed in Kansas City where she said she would be going over lines for Raw with no other than Paul Heyman.

This isn't the first time which Heyman has helped out the former UFC Champion with her WWE promos, as he also helped Rousey write her promos before she faced Nikki Bella at Evolution, most notably the 'John Cena's bedroom' promo.

Paul Heyman helped Ronda Rousey write her promo for Raw this past week

Although Rousey will now be facing Charlotte Flair at Survivor Series this weekend, this hasn't stopped her from referring to Lynch as the 'Millennial Men' in an Instagram post.

She said: "I'm really sorry to hear The Millennial Man will not be showing up for her legally arranged ass whooping on November 18th at the Staples Center. Unfortunately now everyone knows if someone hauls off and punches you for real, your face implodes.

"I suggest you keep practicing your tough guys faces in the mirror, should be very effective physical therapy. And have fun watching Korean soap operas on Netflix or whatever the hell the Millennial Man does with her free time.

"Don't worry I'm not the back stabbing cheap shotting ambushing cowardly type, so you're perfectly safe to take your time and heal up until your figurative balls have dropped and you're finally ready for your comeuppance.

"I want you 100% healed up, prepared, and looking me in the eye when the bell rings. Lemmie know when you're done healing your boo boos and ready for me to serve you your ass on a silver platter with your avocado toast. I do have to admit, The Millennial Man is stunningly conniving."

It's now being rumoured that Rousey and Lynch could face each other in the main event of WrestleMania 35 next year, which would be awesome.

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